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An insurance company accepts car accident insurance claims in case of damage to the insured vehicle caused by an accident, fire, theft, and an explosion, natural calamities like earthquake, flood and cyclone etc. It also covers cost of damage caused when an insured vehicle in passage by road, air and rail.

Third party claim is also provided under car accident claim, if an insured vehicle causes damage to other property and injury or death to another person.

Vehicle are modified or fitted with extra accessories to suit one’s needs and requirement. Some of the extra accessories are LPG Kit, Bi-fuel kit and electronic audio systems are covered with an additional coverage wherein damage to these extra accessories can be claimed under car accident claim policy.

Procedure for Car Insurance Claims

To avoid any hassles, always read the policy wordings before buying a car insurance policy. Every insurance company would have a list of Cashless Garage network that would repair the damages where the insurance company would bear the cost. Ensure that you go through the list of network garages to get great coverage during any emergency. In case of any accident or third party liability, inform your car insurance company about the accident immediately. You can inform about the claim through email, sms or by calling the call center. Provide all the information asked by the insurance company and follow all the instructions for prompt claim settlement. Keep all the documents that are required to support car accident claims. If you are repairing your car at the garage of your choice, you could also get your claim reimbursed. Notify the claim to your car insurance company and submit the bills and documents for easy claim settlement.

Reasons for rejecting a Car Insurance Claim

If the insurer finds any theft or damage is caused due to fault or negligence by the driver such damages are not covered. A claim is rejected if the information provided by insured is incomplete and inaccurate.

If a vehicle is insured as private car but used for commercial purpose like taxi, the insurance company do not accept any claims for this particular vehicle. Car accident claim is rejected in case the insured is not able provide proper bills supporting his claims of theft or damages occurred. The actual amount of repair and maintenance is high compared to the value of vehicle and then the cost of damages is not accepted under car accident insurance claim.

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